A process essay is a paper where you need to describe a certainprocess. Usually, it is designed as a series of steps, which youhave to take to complete a process. You can write about somethingsimple like cooking brownies or something more difficult likeconducting a physical experiment. No matter what you are writingabout, you need to ensure that your paper is interesting for yourreaders. You can prepare your essay in two different ways:

Write it in the second person

Write it in a passive voice

To choose the best option for yourself, ask your teacher how youshould approach your paper. Unlike other types of essays, likeargumentative or persuasive, in a process essay, you don’t needto prove anything. Your main task is to describe the process.

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Figure out who your audience is and how well it is aware of whatyou are about to tell them. If you consider your readers beforewriting, this will assist you to decide what you need to identifyfirst when composing a proclamation to readers.

  • Would you like your audience to know beforehand that it’lltake the whole day to finish the process? Is a particular kit oftools necessary to complete the process? What should thefirst-timers read about to focus on the assignment?

  • Imagine that you are preparing a paper that includes certainrecommendations and instructions, defining the process of cookingbrownies. You just need to mention that they will need a sieve, ablander, and a rolling-pin as well as explain how they know thatthe brownies are ready. Once you tell everything basic, proceedto the details.

Compile a list of required ingredients and objects. What willyour audience need to finish the task? Are any special toolsnecessary at all? If it is required, compile a full list of thenecessary materials. If when describing the process, you see thatyou forgot to mention some things, return to the top of the listand indicate this thing. Draw up a plan for the completion of the task, emphasizing everybasic point. You may have to conduct the process yourself to knowprecisely what result there will be in the end. Then define yourgradual steps. You can make the task easier for your readers by explaining thedetails of the process. Instead of simply writing “add the eggsto the dough” or “combine the eggs and milk and pour the mixtureinto the flour,” add some tricks and helpful recommendations, forinstance, “weight the ingredients beforehand to get dough of goodconsistency.” Try to notice how much time it takes you to finish the process.If you don’t know exactly, provide a rough calculation toestimate the length of the process. Your readers would like toknow how much time it will take them to conduct the process tofigure out if it’s worth it. If you write your process essay on a difficult topic and theprocess will last longer, add extra time when you calculate thelength of the process. Those who don’t know how to do somethingexactly may need extra time.

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Essay consists of the following mandatory parts:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Entry
  • The main text, divided into chapters and paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • List of sources and literature used The title page is the first sheet of your paper, which is notnumbered. The table of contents is always placed on the second page ofpaper. The second sheet and all subsequent pages should benumbered. The entry consists of the following mandatory elements:
  • A brief (not more than 1 paragraph) characterization of thecomposition
  • Formulation of the purpose of the work
  • An indication of the process you are going to describe
  • Explanation why you chose the process
  • Recommendations

In the main provide, describe every step of the process providinguseful guidelines. You can divide this part in three or moreparagraphs covering every stage of the process separately. In the conclusion, you can give your final ideas and explain whyyou decided to tell the readers about this process. You can alsomention what complications may arise in the process and how toavoid them. In the list of sources, provide the references to the sources youused in your paper.



Read the paper of other writers. This will assist you todevelop your own style. Essays require you to create a goodproject that will show your sense of style. According to experts,the style of presentation of a good essay can be characterized asemotional, expressive, and artistic. Prepare. Read the literature on a given theme, understandwhat has been read. Essay is a creative paper that includes thepresentation of reflections on a particular subject. The essay isaddressed to the reader with the idea of the considered issue.Otherwise, when composing, you could get lost in detail. Thus, tocompose something qualitatively, you should be knowledgeable onthe relevant theme. Formulate the theses and arguments. Think over the structure and plan of the process essay. Anessay can have an arbitrary structure. The only formal rule whenwriting it is the presence of the title. Do not overload your paper. Brevity is very important. Ofcourse, there are different styles, but too long sentences can beconsidered a mauve ton, which does not play into your hands. Be honest with yourself. You do not have to invent orattribute to yourself the thoughts of other people. Writenaturally, and your work will only benefit from it. We alsorecommend studying the examples of other essays to see whatdirection you need to move in.


The title of the paper doesn’t directly depend on the theme.Moreover, in order to reflect the content of the paper, it canserve as a starting point your reflections, stating theconnection of the part and the whole. The free composition follows its internal logic. The main ideahas to be in your reflections. This way, the studied problem orprocess will be viewed from different points. In a literary work, the rational connection of the analysis of awork of art with its own arguments should prevail. The author’sposition should be clearly stated in the paper. If the traditional composition allows individual features of thelanguage and style of the writer, in an essay, your individualstyle is a prequisite of the genre.


Stay away from clichés and find the original concept. Be sincereand analyze what unique experience the topic can bring. Thinkabout what you would answer each of the essay questions, if theywere asked by a friend or relative over a cup of coffee.


All this should characterize you. It is very important to planand allocate enough time for writing and editing essays, so thatyour project is not spoiled by inaccuracies, incomprehensiblesentences, technical jargon, or abbreviations. It is equallyimportant to observe the number of words and answer the questionsposed. If writing is not your thing, keep a diary and write down yourthoughts there that will come to you during the day. First uselists, not whole sentences. In the end, you will have enoughmaterial to begin the first draft of the essay. It may take 8–10weeks to prepare the whole paper, usually the work is rewrittenseveral times until the result satisfies you.

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Content. Essays are often taken abstracts, but if the latterallows the use of primary sources and the copying of thematerial, the writing of essay involves the use of one’s ownthoughts and skills, albeit received in the study of primarysources. The simple rewriting of the literature recommended bythe teacher is the main mistake of all students. The writinginvolves reflecting a personal point of view, your own vision ofthe problem and the ways to solve it. Quotations of usedmaterials must be made out with references to the source. Formatting.Incorrect formatting is one of the typical errorsof students. Although there is no single standard, the generalrules for writing do not allow the use of artistic fonts, theabuse of unnecessary underscores, and excretions. Usually, theteacher tells what style you need to use. When writing, also donot forget about the rules language – spelling and punctuationmistakes may affect the final grade. Timing.Writing essays in compliance with the establisheddeadlines is not only a prerequisite for getting a credit, butalso a tribute to the teacher. Delivering your work later, youmay still get the desired grade on the subject, but create anegative opinion about yourself, which can cause a biasedattitude when further testing your knowledge in the exam. If you are not confident in your abilities or just do not havetoo much time for independent research and preparation of work asrequired by the rules, you can ask for help from professionalswho will observe the agreed terms.

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