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1 . Glass windows 7 helps in-place updates only from: Glass windows vista yet another Windows 7 version installment payments on your A computer operating Windows PREMATURE EJACULATION RAPID EJACULATION, RAPID CLIMAX, PREMATURE CLIMAX, will immediately reboot after: 72 hours 3. Embedded computers operate on real time operating systems

4. Home windows 7 comes in how various versions? 6

5. What exactly popular app that can isolate operating systems into virtual machines? VMwear 6. In a GUI, users use a mouse-based windows-and-menu system seen as a personal pc metaphor 7. What is the feature that was first introduced in House windows Vista, that enables a computer to utilize an external hard disk drive, such as Usb thumb drive as a cache for data? Readyboost 8. What is the quickest approach to access disks management system? Computer management console being unfaithful. What command line electricity can you prosecute to manage drive? Diskpart. exe 10. Precisely what is the preferred file-system used in Glass windows 7? NTFS NTFS means new technology file-system

11. What file contains the entire articles of a hard disk drive in a single portable file that a user can move the whole VM from a single host to a different? Virtual Hard disk drive (VHD) 12. What is completed with hard disk cleaner? Delete temp files, Delete setup wood logs, Delete data files in recycling bin, delete any unnecessary files 13. What application is responsible for finding and loading the nucleus of the os so that the os may be crammed and dominate control of the hardware? bootstrap loader 18. What permits a single part of computer hardware to look as many computers each with its individual CPU, memory space, disk hard disks? Virtual equipment 15. Ms intends RAPID CLIMAX PREMATURE CLIMAX, to be a lowered subset of windows several operating system, simply providing adequate capability to execute certain installation, diagnostic and recovery capabilities while running from a minimized components environment sixteen. What graphic program enables you to transfer information data from a single computer to a new? Windows easy transfer 18. What program will assist...