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A mirrored image on The Quest for Happyness: Exactly what are We Pursuing?


By simply Kent Winward | Thursday night, January 18, 2007


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The newest Will Cruz movie, The Pursuit of Happyness is wrong and not just in how that spells " happyness". Videos that have hidden and misleading messages take the time me — and I don't like the root messages through this movie. Film production company presents a crucial concept and after that stomps all over it. The notion comes the moment Will Smith's character, Bob Gardner, can be opining regarding Thomas Jefferson and the Announcement of Independence. He muses that Jefferson called that the " pursuit of happiness" because you may never quite catch it. The running, the chasing, the pursuit would be elusive with the prey staying just out of reach. The ideal answer seems to be realizing what is truly essential in life, but how does film production company end the pursuit of joy? Happiness is usually achieved the moment Chris Gardner lands a six-figure commissioned salary broker job. The bright and shiny happy people in the movie had been the rich. The poor were downtrodden, mentally ill, inhospitable, and unethical. The poor guy won't pay out back the $14 he owes you, but the fit will pay over the $5 you provided him pertaining to cab cost. The meaning of the film was CASH = HAPPYNESS. The movie conflates two principles and does not distinguish these people — survival and accomplishment. Most of the video is focused in survival. Film production company captures the truly horrific feeling of an empty wallet. Midway through the display, I was pondering — " Hell, Personally i think this way in the home and I did not have to pay $7. 75 to feel poor. " We am amazed every day on the thin line between catastrophe and survival. I see persons everyday whom are jogging that tightrope or more serious, who have gone down off already and just scarcely managed to pick up on to the tightrope and are right now moving pay hand through the chasm of poverty. Above 90% of the...