Essay in Advantage and Disadvantage of I. M. and Wikis

1 . Launch

With the associated with the Internet technology, the computer-based communication systems are more and more applied to communication. The new solutions including instant messaging and wikis exert advantageous and adverse effects in various scopes, especially business. Organization and trading are negotiated through Internet so that organization now appreciate far more ease and performance than in the past. However , there is no opinion in if instant messaging, wikis or additional communication systems leave positive or bad influences as meanwhile businesses are also plagued with many troubles, such as validity and cyber-terrorist. This paper aims to establish I. Meters. and wikis and evaluate both the benefits and drawbacks in the field of business. Controlling of access and establishing relevant law to rule the accuracy and legality may improve the bad sides of I. M. and wikis.

2 . Explanation

Computer-based commuication technologies will be tools that allow employers and staff contact with others wherever the users are. From this report, fresh communication systems refer to conversation tools based upon the internet such as instant messaging and wikis which can be popular in enterprises. Instant messaging, also known as We. M., is a type of real-time communication among two or more persons based on entered text (Avrahami & Hudson 2006, p. 505). Wikis are " the free websites which users can express thoughts and cooperate with others, using a simplified markup language” (Frenando 3 years ago, p. 12). In business, the key users of I. M. and wikis are companies and personnel.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of We. M.

1). Merits of I. Meters.

Instant messaging makes significant contributions to support effective communication in business both in lowering costs, time and distance and boosting the productivity of work. In the first place, instant messaging turns into an essential program for system for employees and clients to communicate rather than telephone and email. Especially,...

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