Essay about how to build a Program for Marketing communications - Gracefields Kindgergarten

Building a Program for Interaction


With the growth of internet like a source of mass communication mass media, many organizations see the features of creating a program in the the internet to reach out to its " casual and intentional visitors” (Tubin & Klein, Fall 2007). Gracefields Kindergarten is definitely one such organization. The principal, Mrs Joyce Teo, is willing to explore websites as their application in the the internet to promote the college as well as to boost teacher-parent interaction (personal interaction, February some, 2010).

Giladi (2004) referrred a site to be similar to the windowpane for the school's culture (as cited in Tubin & Klein, Fall 2007) and " the website should represent the company in a important and great light” (Levis, Helfert, & Brady, 2008).

From this technological grow older, " Corporations around the world use the internet and style sophisticated and attractive websites to promote then sell their products on the net to a much larger spectrum of customers. This tendency is becoming increasingly popular and is now highly applied. ” (Vrontis, Ktoridou, & Melanthiou, 2006). " Singaporeans are becoming more sophisticated internet users” and " the proportion of Internet users among Singapore's resident inhabitants rose by simply 25 percentage points” among 2000 and 2005 (Lee, 2006). Therefore , it has become even more pertinent that organizations possess a occurrence in the world wide web and having a web page is one way to increase web awareness.

This white daily news attempts to discuss what a site is, the way we can create a site using web host services and the benefits and limitations of a website. That further examines the situation for Gracefields Pre-school and a proposed solution.

About the business

Gracefields Kindergarten contains a history of about 16 years, with 2 schools in Singapore in Gilstead and Teck Whye. For the purpose of this white paper, references are manufactured the school by Gilstead. The college aims to offer all round progress a child through its graded program. The college does this through (Joyce Teo, personal conversation, February 4, 2010) -- • Providing a conducive environment which responds to the little one's need to be nurtured in the process of learning to understand and discover know-how for day to day living • Focusing on Cognitive (Intellectual) Self Advancement, Social and Moral Self Development, Imaginative Self Development, Emotional Overall health Development and Physical Expansion. • Guaranteeing teaching staffs are qualified teachers who are registered with the Ministry of Education and who have share the common mission to help the child in realizing his/her maximum potential pertaining to growing and learning. To accomplish this, class size and quantity of children per teacher is usually kept for an acceptable level. • Supplying quality, thorough, practical and reliable child development put in a supporting and rousing environment.

The school continuously works towards attracting more students into their cohort and the principal, Joyce Teo, is convinced that an existent of a university website could enhance their marketing efforts together with the usual print media. The web site would also facilitate better teacher-parent connection, the additional objective with the effort (personal communication, Feb 4, 2010). What is a Site?

" A web site is basically information as text and graphics that could be extended with other media just like sound, stored electronically as files on a hard disk. It is located in a pc known as a internet server connected to the Internet. Data files on the web hardware are therefore accessible via the Internet or on an internal network (intranet)” (Baggott, Nichol, & Watson, 1999, p. 105). Additionally , Baggott, Nichol, & Watson (1999) states that " a website can give you use of an almost unlimited range of info including academic and instructing materials in a form that you can...

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