Collaboration Guide Essay

Collaboration Evaluation Guide

You should complete information and fill in it with the evidence to " 00 Collaboration Evaluation Guide. ” Complete portion 1 at the outset of the activity. Finish parts a couple of through 5 once the activity is complete.

Part you: Pre-Collaboration Organizing

Use this worksheet to help you plan and organize your team for your Effort requirement. You must work in a team of two to five people to complete your collaborative activity. Let me collaborate to complete the assessment within the topic Frosty War__________. Associates Information:

Part of the team Names|Role(s) in Project|Email|Instructor Identity

My Brand: | Christian| |

Partner: | Christian| |

Partner: | Jared| |

Partner: | John| |

Partner: | Marry| |

2 . Which Web 2. 0 tool, if any, will certainly your staff use to finish the job? 

 Discussion box, attracting tool

three or more. What is your team's target achievement date to get the job? 

 Were finished already

4. How can your team members communicate with each other? 


Portion 2- Collaboration lesson/task information

The lesson was on the cold-war. All of us learned about sweet and cover, bombs, cold/hot war, and conflicting ideologies. At the end with the lesson there were to makes lyrics to a song the instructer examine to us. We countless groups to right the lyrics down. Portion 3- Peer and Self-Evaluation

Rate your self and your staff as a whole according to each from the performance criteria below.

3=Always 2=Usually 1=Sometimes 0=Never

|Rating for You|Rating for the Team|Reasons intended for Ratings and Other Comments: | Listened to others| 3| | 3

Revealed respect for others' opinions| 3| 3|3 3

Accomplished assigned duties| 3| 3| 3

Participated in discussions| 3| 3| 3

Went to meetings| 3| 3| 3

Stayed on task| 3| 3| several

Offered relevant information| 3| 3| several

Completed job adequately| 3|3 | several

Completed focus on time (with no reminders)| 3| 3|3

Offered ideal feedback when ever necessary| 3| 3|3

Part 4-...