Compare and Contrast Two Shopping Centres Essay

Nguyen Le Thi Phuc


A shopping strategy

Last week, I believed of a intend to go to the shopping centre with my friend who may be going to visit Singapore. My friend and i also like searching, I wanted to take her to travel shopping. But I could certainly not make up my mind that exactly where we would get. I had ever before come to Thomson Plaza and Lucky Plaza that every one of them had been very nice. However compared the location, structure and goods of two organisations that I may finally come to my personal decision to look Lucky Plaza. First, I actually considered about their location. Thomson Plaza is a shopping centre located in cities, in the cardiovascular system of private and public residential estates for Upper Thomson Road. Yet , Lucky Plaza is situated in the midst of Singapore's most recognized shopping district and located along the Orchard road. So both Thomson Plaza and Lucky Plaza are easy to push by any kind of transportation. Blessed Plaza is usually closer the MRT Station but farer my residence than Thomson Plaza. Besides, Lucky Plaza had been recognized as one of the most attainable landmarks to get the visitors. Second, I thought of their constructions. While Thomson Plaza's logo design is an orange – gray leaf, Lucky Plaza's logo looks like double " S” with yellow color. The appearance of Thomson Plaza appears nice and specially, and Blessed Plaza will too. Thomson Plaza offers 3 flooring surfaces and a basement carpark. In contrast, Blessed Plaza has 6 floors, 1 basement and a big parking lot. And so there are many shops in Blessed Plaza more than Thomson Plaza. From their structures, they the two buy the different variety of merchandise with many different brands. They serve quality goods, good services and frequently they have a lot of goods available for purchase with affordable. Specially, Lucky Plaza has many kinds of foods, Photography studio, Bossini, Levi's, Batin shops we like most. Around the orther hands, Thomson Plaza doesn't have those shops. In summary, after taking everything into mind, I think We made the proper decision. We all will have a shopping trip in Blessed Plaza with our favourite...