Descriptive essay

Elmer Flores

Professor Terrence G. Graf

British 101

2/25/14 The Grand Canyon

I remember my own trip to the Grand Encolure in Arizona. It was a couple of years ago and it was one of the most breathtaking trip of my life. I remember traveling to Arizona because it was a long flight and the planes kept nervous-looking because of the wind flow outside. The Grand Gosier I believe was or is still one of the Several Wonders worldwide. I saw numerous people, whether or not they are children, men, women, adults senior citizens, and foreign people. The Grand Canyon offers guides to show you some of the key areas that were the best to check out. They're many ways to appreciate the Grand Encolure either by walking, riding or canoeing in the The state of colorado River. I acquired to experience a good way to see the Grand Canyon and that was by walking. Once the guide takes you on the trip to the top of 1 mountain you observe the many paths that spread across the mountain, you feel heat slowly beginning to grab a hold of you, the sweating from the walking drips straight down like a snowman in spring melting, the muscles tense up from each of the walking you been undertaking, and the altitude makes you feel light like a feather. The journey is well worth it because when you see the very best you actually feel like you aren't on top of the earth. You see the sunlight shine on the mountain, the clouds fogging up a few parts of the valley and you simply feel warm with ease. Someone from the city may never understand what you are observing. You feel a connection to the characteristics around you, since you are one with earth. I heard the song in my head " Three Steps to Heaven” playing over and over again as I believed the mountain was so high I can almost think so near to the physical universe and the religious world. Various teens about my era think that anything with the outside the house or the environment is uninteresting. This may not be further from the facts. Even...