Eskimo and Inuit Dissertation

The Inuit are unique people. This name pertaining to Inuit was " Eskimo" Eskimo means " chef of meat" In 1977, the Eskimos changed all their name to " Inuit" Inuit means " the people" inside their language. That they live in cold places: Siberia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. There are the coldest areas of the world.

You will discover about 120, 000 Inuit in the world today. Canada has 20, 000 Inuit. Some live very close towards the North Rod. The Inuit were the first people of Canada.

In the past, the Inuit hunted for all their food. The men journeyed in the snow on sleds. About 10 dogs poulled a sleds. About five dogs pulled a sled. The men killed fishg and also other animals. Then they went home and distributed their food with other families. The Inuit used every part of the dog for foodstuff and outfits. They usually consumed the fish raw. The women made clothing from animal skins. They manufactured shoes through the skins, also. The Inuit had an oldcustom. The women wrecked their husbands' shoes through the night. Then the shoes or boots were smooth in the morning.

the Inuit's existence was hard. They occupied houses made of snow. They moved form time to time to hunt pets or animals. Sometimes, the Inuit needed money. Additional Canadians needed animal skins. The Inuit distributed animal skins to Canadians. The Inuit plus the Canadians helped each other.

Today in Canada, the Inuit's lives are very different. The majority of Inuit live in villages. The villages have from 300 to 1500 people. The houses are made of solid wood. The Inuit don't travel around in sleds. They ride snowmobiles. That they but food and clothes form stores.

The Inuit keep in touch with the rest of the world. They use the telephone, television, and the Internet. Thye go on planes to towns in the southern of Canada. Inuit kids and hirls go to university and have Inuit wnqat to keep in mind their dialect and practices. They want to instruct their language and traditions to their kids.

In the 1970s, the Inuit canada wanted to control their area. In 1999, the Canadian government ahreed. The...