Evaluate the biological treatments of depression Dissertation

п»їEvaluate the biological remedies of despression symptoms.

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Antidepressants just like monoamine-oxidase blockers (MAOIs) and trycyclics (TCAs) are effective in reducing depressive symptoms. Antidepressants have been tested in trials with placebos and have located to be effective in reducing symptoms of severe major depression in around 65% to 75% in contrast to around 33% for placebos – Gitlin 2002. Gitlin carried out a clinical trial testing picky serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and placebos. He located that SSRIs were successful in reducing symptoms of depression in around 75% of patients compared to 33% pertaining to placebos. However the 33% of patients that felt better after taking the placebo medication suggests that the main cause of depression is not all to biological causes but quite possibly cognitive as well and that it may be about how we think. There have been factors that caused limits to this research, the study was correlational, and this means that the cause and impact was not proven between despression symptoms and the meant cause. Hollon did a follow up study to see regardless of whether SSRIs work in treating the actual cause of despression symptoms or not. He found that those who were withdrawn coming from cognitive therapy had a urge rate of 31% and those withdrawn coming from drug remedy had a urge rate of 76%. This shows that drugs only deal with the indications of depression as opposed to the actual fundamental cause of despression symptoms. Therefore it is palliative. It is obvious that medicines do not automatically offer a long-term cure as with many cases; symptoms recur if the drugs shall no longer be taken. To argue about appropriateness, MAOIs are certainly not appropriate because they are associated with life threatening side effects including cardiovascular disease and strokes. Most of the foods used in a usual diet consist of tyramine which will reacts adversely with MAOIs. Patients whom are approved with MAOIs must restrict their weight loss plans. This is a hassle; the issue is the fact that patients wrap up stopping the...