Female Foeticide Essay

Female Foeticide In India

India is known as a country of incredible ironies. It is a land where persons worship numerous forms of woman Shakti in quest of wealth, wisdom and power. In this country it is a prevalent sight to see thousands of lovers making hard journeys every year to shrines of goddesses in order to be blessed with a kid. But oddly enough, from this country, one or two is said to be ‘blessed' only when it has a male kid; for a lady is never considered a benefit in our culture. Her delivery seems to cast a pall of gloom over the entire family. Her birth is usually not celebrated, instead the complete family moans. Gender biasness had been the normal attitude with the patriarchal Of india society seeing that time immemorial. The Vedas comprised passages which emphasized the necessity for son. ‘May you end up being the mother of a hundred sons'have always been a popular true blessing by parents to small brides. It is indeed a definite fact that inspite of differences in social and intellectual status, almost all the sections of the world do stand on the same platform so far as all their craving pertaining to male kid is concerned. On the other hand, daughters happen to be unwanted, they are considered tiring and people who do not dare to transport this ‘burden' for lengthy dispose them off immediately, for in Incredible India, ‘killing in the girl kid is no desprovisto. ' In the beginning the girl child was offer death completely, being throttled, poisoned or drowned within a bucket of water immediately after her delivery. These was the common procedures followed particularly in the country areas. Even so the evil of killing the woman child not anymore remained confined to the rural people but equally attracted the urban population too who also, despite becoming educated, seem to show a strong preference pertaining to the male child and the future avoidance with the female kid. The speedy advancement of science and technology proved a boon for these persons as this kind of had made the diabolic slaughter in the female kid much easier and even more sophisticated...