Character Analysis on Faber from F 451 Article

Persona Analysis: Faber from F 451

Faber is described as a sensible old teacher who typically acts slightly unjustly. He lets his fear take over his body system, and often would not act ethically. As Faber said, " …you are looking at a coward. I saw the way in which things were going, a very long time back. I actually said nothing at all. I'm one of the innocents whom could have used up and out when no one would listen to the ‘guilty', but I did not speak and thus accountable myself. ” Because of this cowardliness, Faber would not always the actual right things and smart actions. It had been also explained in the book that when the framework that was set to lose the literature, he grunted a few times and stopped, for there were no person else grunting and shouting with him. He is today guilty of what he have not done and says, " Now really too late. ”

Faber acts unwisely because he is too cowardly. As stated before, when the society started burning catalogs, he only grunted for a while then ceased because no one else is doing so. His cowardice as well leads to inventing the green bullets. Another hint of this dread is that when Montag came up over to his house, he explained his plans and asked Faber to help him. Faber complimented the scheme but declined to join right up until Montag began ripping the pages from the last bible in the city. Faber does not interact with people much (another sign of cowardice) apart from Montag. Montag is everything that Faber is not. He could be brave, daring, and is curious about many things, yet Faber will not have any. After his first ending up in Montag, mcdougal made Faber seem different. He appeared to have more bravery. Montag believed Faber was someone who he could trust, someone who he can talk to and share secrets. Montag had trust in Faber. He also looked up to him. Faber also tells Montag what sort of literate contemporary society allowed itself to slip into mechanization and repression. He gives Montag information of the world just before books had been banned.

The green bullets that Faber created symbolize him in some manner. As...