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The company can be defined as " the designed coordination of the activities of a number of people to get the achievement of some common, direct purpose or perhaps goal, through division of work and function and through a structure of expert and responsibility. ” Organisations are not ways used by groups of people to achieve some goals. They present different images like,       Organisations as devices Organisations as living devices Organisations as brains Organisations as personal systems Organisations as tradition Organisations as psychic penitentiary

Organisational Analyze Organisational Study is the organized study and careful application of knowledge about how people while individuals and as groups-act within Organisation. An Organisational Research encompasses the study of organisations via multiple views method, and level of analysis. Whenever people interact in organisation many factors enter into play. Modern day organisational studies attempt to figure out and unit these factors. This Organisational Study was done as partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Award of Learn of Organization Administration (MBA). The chief target of the analyze is to understand the working of numerous department capabilities during a particular period plus the concept of enterprise. It also permits students to explore issues and problems in an organisational setting. It provides the students the opportunity to understand observe, master,


collect and analyse the nature and mission. This kind of organisation analyze is limited to obtain the knowledge about the function as very well as the management facets of FREEZE EXIM, AROOR 1 ) 1 Opportunity of the study The ocean sea food market has made substantive progress during the postindependence stage. Currently, India is a main producer of sea food.

1 ) 2 Targets of the study

The efficiency study was carried out for FREEZE EXIM, AROOR to familiarize me with the working of various departments for a specific period. It can help to understand how a key business processes are carried out in an organization and how information is used in business for making decisions at different levels. The objectives in the study carried out were to: Main: п‚· Efficiency study by FREEZE EXIM, AROOR

Supplementary: п‚· To know the organisational framework & it's functioning. п‚· To examine about the existing business procedures. п‚· To measure the functions of different departments. п‚· To find out the support provided by the organization to the society. п‚· To conduct SWOT analysis п‚· To interacts and take notice of the workers at workplace.

a few

1 . a few Significance with the study

There are many factors, which lead to the organisation to success. Consequently the study was mainly centered on the working of each department of the corporation giving emphasize to the working. The scope from the study covers all the practical areas of every single department. This study was useful in assessing the quality and satisfaction of the organisation. This study would ensure that the management to distinguish the strengths, weakness possibilities and hazards of the business and also in locating out areas where the organization will need to improve.

1 ) 4 Strategy

The study features descriptive type undertaken simply by personal trips to the firm. Relevant information for the research was received through observation and both primary and secondary resources. Those several methods helped me to gather and compile information from numerous sources. um Observation Simply by observing the overall surrounding, the functional procedure, interactions of employees and so forth Divisions and Sections within just different Departments of the Plank were went to.

o Data collection Principal data: The sources of main date had been; o Immediate interview with departmental minds o Detailed interview with divisional mind o Discussion with workers workers in the organisation. four

Through interview & discussion and through the interaction with all the employees, the...