Lantern March 2013 Dissertation

Tradition having a Cause and Relevance: The 2013 Lantern Parade

It absolutely was exactly five in the evening on my observe as I began preparing to head to one of the most anticipated yuletide situations in my school. It was 7 days before Holiday and the last day of classes pertaining to the year to get the iskos and iskas before the getaway vacation leg techinques in. Being a college junior, this was my own first time to witness the Lantern Parade and I seriously didn't really know what to expect apart from seeing lanterns. It was declared that the lanterns for this year's parade should be made from discard materials and also other eco-friendly materials to reduce the price of making the lanterns and all the money salvaged from these kinds of will be donated to the Yolanda-hit victims. I felt a tinge of curiosity and excitement. As I arrived at the Magsaysay gateway of the School of the Israel, I immediately noticed different things; there were lots of people than usual. My spouse and i walked some of the stretch out of the Magsaysay street prior to turning still left after the Romvlo hall. Via where I used to be standing, I could see an even larger crowd of men and women. The parade was already starting and it absolutely was a quarter past five.

It had not been humid nor hot that day; that wasn't possibly very cold at least as cool as Dec should be. The cold, benign December weather seemed to be misplaced already. My spouse and i continued going for walks until I was in front of the Economics building. I actually started discovering familiar faces and stated hellos intended for quite a lot of moments. Some people were walking and following the path of the academics oval while many, including myself, were simply stationary and waited to get the additional floats to arrive. It was the College of Mass Communication's lantern that I initial saw. Sticking to their college color, I could see a load up of people in their orange-colored t-shirts. Their lantern was quite cool. A woman imitating the pose of the statue of liberty, which was made from bottles of drinking water, was the central attraction with their lantern. There are also old television sets that were only since large since shoe boxes. I pondered where we were holding able to get those useful vintage box-shaped technologies.

Following CMC's lantern is that of College of Home Economics. Besides from their coconut tree inspired lantern which was as well made from reusable materials, there are also 3 ladies wearing white dresses with trains that contain socially related terms like taxation, Enrile, PDAF, tindog, Discarded STFAP, Bong, Maguindanao Massacre and many others which were written in black and reddish ink that accompanied the college's parol. I also saw UP SOLAIR's lantern which was irrefutably attention getting. It was a great improvised C130 lantern made from a medium-sized L300 vehicle with card wings and slippers around it. Along with UP SOLAIR was obviously a group of people wearing shirts that suggested these were from the Philippine Airlines Personnel Association who had been chanting all their complaints. Lead by somebody, they yelled, " Ang nagtrabaho, IPAGLABAN! Ipaglaban, ANG NAGTRABAHO! "

The somewhat hefty show provided by the UP School of Labor and Industrial Relationships was substituted by the content, all in white School of Statistics who is, based from other banner, honoring their 60th founding anniversary. Their lantern was a imitation of the undying symbol of my beloved school: a great oblation which has been made from metallic painted sticks and other discarded materials. The oble was even wearing the precious maroon and red sablay each Isko is aiming to obtain.

I walk beyond the Business Government, Vinzon's, and Education buildings and swam my approach to Laureles Hall. There have been more people than I actually first believed. So many of those that I was sure a lot of were not by UP nevertheless were also, certainly, spectators from the anticipated march. There were few kids too...