Final Mabo Quote Sheet 2 Composition

 Offer Sheet - Mabo

Koiki Eddie Mabo

‘Everything is yours. This is who have you happen to be. ' (Benny to Eddie) ‘I'm no longer working as a slave. ' (Eddie)

‘Whitefellas' identity Eddie, nevertheless it's Koiki for genuine. ' (Eddie) ‘You understand the drill. ' (The police sergeant to Eddie)

‘All them state it, within the railway: " Koiki's the one”. ' (Davy to Eddie) ‘It's not me personally, it's the legislation. ' (Barman who will not serve Eddie) ‘We've got a sytem of land ownership and inheritance. We all cultivate the land. The links are … active and unbroken. ' (Eddie) ‘What about the law? How about Meriam rules? ' (Eddie)

‘Eddie, you already know the land's not officially yours? Officially, I mean. The us government owns it. ' (Henry to Eddie) ‘You think some whitefella stickin' a Union Jack in the yellow sand wipes away sixteen decades! ' (Eddie) ‘If any individual tries to tell me that I avoid own that land, Now i am gonna head into Killoran's workplace with a shotgun. ' (Eddie) ‘What more can they perform to me that hasn't recently been done? I have lost jobs, I've been inside the stinkin' lock-up. What more can they do? ' (Eddie) ‘Can't stop right now. Might as well relax and die. ' (Eddie) ‘I'm taking government to court! ' Eddie

‘I'm gonna help to make history. I actually am the son of Benny Mabo. I was a Meriam man in the Piaderem family. I was the descendant of the Aiet, and the zogo le. And I'm gonna make history. ' (Eddie) ‘I desire to appearance black. ' (Eddie to Netta if he asks for his other light shirt) ‘Mabo one. Bjelke nil. ' Eddie

‘…all the troublemaking and agitating …'(Murray Island councillor to Eddie) ‘Eddie Mabo is a soft talker. Constantly was. ' (Killoran regarding Eddie) ‘You always were one to get above yourself, Eddie. ' (Killoran to Eddie) ‘Everyone up on Murray knows most likely Benny's boy. ' (Killoran to Eddie) ‘ ‘Eddie Mabo is…quite capable of tailoring his story to whatever shape he identified would progress his cause in the particular forum. ' (Justice Moynihan about Eddie)


‘She's not by Murray although she's happy to come back. We have now a plan, her and me. ' (Eddie...