Lifelong Student Essay

I consider myself to become a lifelong student.

To consider yourself not to be a lifelong learner is practically like declaring: " My body does not need water to life” Learning is definitely part of our nature, traditions, religion and everyday life and is one of the most unavoidable things in every area of your life. As we because humans get older and leave school or maybe a university we all will soon " learn” that learning does not end in a diploma or degree, it can be more than just books and textual content. Learning is all about taking what has been discovered by other folks and try to make use of that as a guideline or perhaps basis to boost on concepts and facts. It is eventually about moving forward in life. I want to become a medical professional one day which will take a the least 7 years of studying after school, nevertheless that is not had been the learning prevents, that is just where the theory part of the learning will end to a level. The field of medicine that I would like to take on is an ever changing field where new viruses are discovered on a regular basis, therefore new medicine should be invented to quit these infections. Our past knowledge about infections will help in the creation from the new medications and fresh information about the new virus can help us master things about other viruses we would not even include known about. As a medical doctor I will have to go on seminars on a regular basis to find out about fresh developments in the medical field, in any other case I will be unable to diagnose someone correctly easily have not produced the effort to master aboutthese fresh illnesses. During my own your life I need to a new lot about life by itself, who to trust who have not to trust, when is the moment to say something and when it is far from. Life ends the day I pass away and until that day Let me still be researching life and how to overcome all of the obstacles it can easily put in my way. I could never become someone who considers they know everything, which will be naïve of me to acquire that mind-set. Learning does not stop the moment school is finished, you should always make an effort to improve...