Pat in Power Essay

Conduct, Achieve & Trade (PAT)

The TERRY Scheme can be specific to the Designated Consumers only (except Railways). The PAT scheme is advanced in order to incentivise industry to achieve better energy efficiency target in a cost-effective manner. Identified industries must improve their SEC within particular period of three years or deal with penalty provisions under the require of the federal government. At the same time it provides incentive to efficient sectors to transact their further certified energy savings (that beyond the assigned target) can be to designated consumers who would use these records to conform to their SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION'S reduction objectives.

The TERRY Process

Setting Energy Consumption Baseline for DCs. Assigning target to get energy saving or efficiency improvement to person DC Complying of Focuses on within a period of 3 years Verification of Energy Savings and issue of Energy Keeping Certificates ESCerts) in excess of given target EScerts can be traded and used for compliance reasons Trading can be executed bilaterally or perhaps on particular platforms produced on the electric power exchanges ESCerts will be maintained in the DEMAT form every ESCert will be equivalent to one particular Metric Charge of Oil Equivalent (MTOE)

Financial fees for non compliance to become linked to quantum of noncompliance

The Final Objective of PAT Scheme

You will discover in all 685 designated consumers in the country accounting 60% from the total energy consumption in the country which 54 will be identified in Gujarat Express. Through the PAT Scheme it is targeted to reduce the energy consumption by 15 million MTOE (4. 16% of the current consumption value) Status of PAT Plan in Gujarat About 6 PAT Consciousness workshops were organized through the current yr in Gujarat. Baseline Strength Audits of Power Plant life and Chloro Alkali Plants in Gujarat have been finished. Targets have been completely assigned to all or any the GSECL Power Vegetation by BEE.