Promise Notification Essay

Keh Keh

Nora Wagner

2010: 042-031

October, 26, eleven

Promise Letter At my eighth grade year inside the school of Thailand asylum camp, My spouse and i met a young man named Eh Soe. I didn't get to know him from school. I actually met him at a friend's birthday party. He was just fourteen years old and I was 13 years old. I was young and immature. I saw him as he was walking throughout the front doorВ with his friends to the party. They were nice looking and it seemed entertaining to know all of them. I noticed him as he had a great smile in the face and was eye-catching. Initially, I had been reluctant to approach him, but I summoned my personal courage and asked him for his ethic qualifications. He is the just like me, nevertheless he appears so totally different from other teenagers. We got to find out each other and hung out jogging throughout the birthday party. Through our conversations, I found out that we had a lot in common and that we also shared the same interests. At the end in the party, all of us exchanged cell phone numbers. The following time, he known as me and we talked for hours. I became adoringly obsessed with his lovely and fabulous voice immediately. We continued conversing over the phone for about four several weeks before selecting to go out anywhere together. We arranged to satisfy at the Kaw Yam Mu Poe put Park nearby the river. After meeting up, we spoken endlessly so that seemed like several hours until we had nothing even more to say. We sat alone and looked at the drinking water. I nonetheless remember days gone by in the friend's birthday party. He took my hand and appeared me in the eyes and asked me basically would be happy to give my heart to him. I had been completely surprised at the query. I knew I loved him and planned to be with him, but I used to be too stressed, and I have never had love before. I don't understand very much about like and I sensed that I'm not ready for love however. В Hence, I actually said actually, " I'm not ready. " В His face of happiness turned to sadness and he ceased talking. He dropped me from his and...