Reflection On The Fight Against Corruption In Tanzania Essay

п»їReflection on the deal with against Corruption in Tanzania.

This composition will discuss a combat against problem in Tanzania in which I've become qualified in practicing. I will use a reflective model to discuss the challenges inside the fight against corruption in Tanzania. The reflective model I have chosen to use is Gibbs model (Gibbs 1988). Gibbs model of representation incorporates the subsequent: description, thoughts, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action program (Gibbs 1988). The unit will be used on the dissertation to assist in critical believed, relating theory to practice where model enables. Discussion will incorporate the knowledge gain during my operate life time as well as the real picture of problem in the country. A conclusion to the essay are given that will discuss my reflection expertise, acknowledge my competence and show my personal and professional expansion.

I have picked this subject because corruption is a enormous problem in my nation; also I use experience to cope with it. We became associated with this area seeing that 2001. I therefore explored the problem from the fight against corruption and my understanding within this area developed.

The first stage of Gibbs (1988) type of reflection needs a description of events. A brief history of the battle against file corruption error in Tanzania goes back for the colonial period, where the United kingdom colonial federal government introduced and enacted several pieces of laws to stop corrupt methods that existed then. The legislation included the first Penal Code of 1938, the second Criminal Code of 1945 plus the Prevention of Corruption Code (PCO) of 1958. The 1958 Ordinance re-enacted and expanded file corruption error offences that had been then included in the penal rules; and after independence in 1961, the newly independent Tanganyika government inherited the PCO to continue the fight against problem.

In May 1971, the PUBLIC CARRIAGE OFFICE was repealed and replaced by the Reduction of File corruption error Act. An amendment for this Act in 1974 necessitated...