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HND Travel & Tourism Management

Alice Parker

Product 3: The Developing Administrator

Unit code: L/601/1743

QCF level: five

Credit benefit: 15

Task1. (Assessment conditions 1 . you and 1 . 2)

As a researcher the task arranged is to evaluate different managing styles and discuss the similarities and differences between leadership and management. Likewise the aim is always to identify how leadership and management qualities differ.

Explain how these numerous theories can be applied in real job situations. Check out how you have been completely managed before do any from the theories connect with how you had been managed.

This task will probably be produced on a Word Document and will include examples related to the Travel and leisure and Tourism Industry.


Throughout this kind of word document the specialist will be determining what management and leadership is. They will also evaluate the variations and similarities between managing and leadership and discuss the theorists relating to these types of styles. The theorists will be shown by means of a schedule and over the task I will use relevant industry examples and reference point in Harvard style.

What is Leadership and Management?

When ever defining management there are many different terms for what supervision is and a explanation from the crew technology internet site states that management controls or redirects people/resources within a group in accordance to guidelines or beliefs that have been established. Whereas George R. Terry defines management as a procedure consisting of organizing organising, actuating and controlling, performed to determine and attain the aims by the use of people and methods. According to this definition ‘management is a procedure – a systematic way of performing things.

Nevertheless Leadership is definitely setting a fresh direction or perhaps vision for any group that they follow, for example: a leader is a spearhead for that new direction. Leadership is known as a process through which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. An additional popular meaning of Leadership is definitely — a procedure whereby an individual influences a team of individuals to acquire a common target (Northouse's, 2007)

What are the similarities and differences among Management and Leadership?

(Kotter, 1990) suggests that while management and management have a whole lot in common, just like working with people and accomplishing the desired goals of the firm, they do fluctuate in their primary functions. For example Management's main function is to produce order and consistency through such operations as planning, budgeting, organising, staffing, and problem solving. While Leadership's main function should be to produce activity and constructive or adaptable change through such techniques as establishing direction through visioning, aligning people, encouraging, and motivating. Management is actually a career and Leadership is known as a calling. An innovator is somebody who people obviously follow through their particular choice, although a director must be obeyed. A supervisor may only have obtained his placement of specialist through time and loyalty given to the company, much less a result of his leadership qualities. A leader might have no organisational skills, although his eyesight unites persons behind him.  Management and leadership will be two ideas that are frequently used interchangeably. Nevertheless , these words actually describe two different concepts. A manager are not able to just be an innovator, he also needs formal authority to work. Influence of informal teams

In accordance Elton mayo (1920-1930) relaxed groups showed that staff tend to establish informal groups that have an effect on job fulfillment. Kurt Lewin (1930) says that different varieties of leadership create different replies. Elton Mayo is known as the founder from the Human Associations Movement, which is known for his research such as Hawthorne Research, and his...