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Johann Pachelbel was baptized in Nuremberg, Germany September 1, 1653. Pachelbel moved to Vienna in 1671 in which he became the deputy organist at the Real Chapel (http://jan. ucc. nau. edu). In 1678 Pachelbel moved to Erfurt, where he trained Johann Christoph Bach, the older brother of Johann Sebastian Bach. In 1690 Pachelbel became courtroom organist at Stuggart. Pachelbel's first wife, Barbara Gabler, and son died inside the plague of 1683 (http://dialspace. dial. pipex. com). Pachelbel married his second better half, Judith Drommer in August of 1684. Pachelbel had several children with this marriage. Two of his children became musicians, one an instrument machine, and one particular a painter (ibid). Pachelbel died in Nuremburg, Mar 9, 1706 at 53 years old. Pachelbel is acknowledged with expanding the " cantus firmus” chorale (www.byu.edu). This contains the chorale melody extended range notes, one phrase each time, each term preceded by simply fore bogus in the associated voices. The piece of music that Pachelbel wrote that I have picked, is Cannon in D Major. This kind of piece was written about 1680 (http: //dialspace. switch. pipex. com). In Pachelbel's era, he was better praised for his worried church parts. Canon in D became more popular inside the 20th century that it ever was in the baroque period. Canon in D continues to be used in key films just like Father from the Bride and Ordinary People, television set ads to get Threshers Wine, Pure New Wool, British Gas, several other songs and it was played out at Queen Diane's memorial (ibid). What Canon means to me-ocean cd-ocean shore-1996

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