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A large number of people might be wondering just what the simplex method is. The simplex technique definition can be described as method for solving linear development problems. In respect to Barnett, Byleen, and Karl (2011) the simplex method is applied routinely on applied complications involving thousands of variables and problem restrictions. George M. Dantzig designed the simplex method in 1947. In this paper the topic of discussion involves how to solve a simplex method issue that a exclusive artist produces paintings in a number of sizes. Beneath describes the down sides that the musician is facing.

Art work A: eight X 12: requires 20 hours of labor, one hour to pad and shape В Painting W: 10 Times 24: requires 60 several hours of labor, 1 hour to mat and frame

Portrait C: twenty-four X forty-eight: requires 80 hours of labor, 2 hours to mat and shape В The designer is only able to spend twenty hours weekly creating paintings. В The income for each painting are: A: $400, W: $800, C: $1000


How a large number of paintings should the artist generate (and what sizes) within 1 year to increase profits?

What might the artist's maximum profits be?

Objective Function and Constraints

To find the aim function and constraints within the situation explained evaluation with the elements present is needed. The objective function is definitely the equation to determine the profit from providing paintings in the three sizes available. With regards to this scenario the variables A, B, and C are used, when sold each make money of $400, $800, and $1000 respectively. When viewed as an equation, the aim function is definitely

P = 400(A) + (800)B & (1000(C)

Constraints that exist with this system are always found in problem. The limitations are in the number of several hours the designer has offered to work on painting. In the circumstance of the case in point the artist can spend twenty hours weekly devoted to art work. This portions to 1040 hours annual, or rather 20 hours regular for 52 consecutive...

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