The Feminist Movement Composition

The Feminist Activity (aka The Women's Motion, Women's Liberation) brief background Source: Wikipedia

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1 . Define FEMINISM (as bells hooks' describes it):

Feminism is a collection o moves and ideologies aimed at identifying, establishing, and defending a state of the same political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.

2 . the 1st Trend (19th-early twentieth centuries) FOCUS:

The 1st Wave focused on the efforts of countless fighting intended for gender equality, race equal rights, and the women's' right to have your vote.

3. first Wave achievement(s)

The twenty fifth Amendment was ratified in 1920, enabling women to vote

4. 2nd Influx (1960s-1980s) FOCUS:

" the challenge with no name”

Comes from Frieden's book The Feminine Mystique. It is the widespread unhappiness of girls in the 1950s and early 1960s.

" The Personal is definitely Political”

This refers to the idea that personal problems are political problems. Many of the personal challenges women encountered, wasn't their very own fault but was the result of methodical oppression


1971: Supreme Court applied the Equivalent Protection Offer of the fourteenth Amendment to strike down a law that discriminated against females. 1972: The Education Amendments was amended to protect executives, managers, outside sales people, and specialists since the Similar Pay Work of 1963 didn't 1972: birth control was legalized and sex splendour in public and colleges was illegalized by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 1973: Abortions were legalized

mid 1970s: sex discrimination by creditors against credit applicants was illegalized by Equal Credit rating Opportunity Work and sex was added as a safeguarded class under the Fair Housing Act, illegalizing sex splendour in casing.

5. 3rd Wave (1990s-present) FOCUS

The 3rd Wave aimed at questioning, recapturing, and redefining the suggestions, words, and media that have created suggestions about male or female, gender roles, womanhood, natural beauty, and libido. It also concentrated more...