Things Fall Apart Essay

In 95 a movie arrived about a youthful girl called Pocahontas in whose tribe is definitely evaded with a group of United kingdom settlers who had been set to sail to what at the moment was referred to as the " New World. ” The two cultures, one being Pocahontas's group and the different being the British settlers, clash in beliefs and an uprising occurs when the British attempt to take control the native tribe. Just like Pocahontas and her group, the Igbo tribe in Chinua Achebe's book Points Fall Apart, confront the issue of colonization by the English. Though the Igbo tribe appeared to have sophisticated laid out lifestyle that could include potentially lead them to achieving the " Golden Society”, their incapability to monetarily and spiritually provide for all of their tribes users leads to the demise from the tribe's life style.

At first of the new, it appeares that the tribe has presented cultural beliefs and techniques for dealing with conflict that pops up in their world. Like any flourishing society they have core ideals one of which is exemplified in the common perception that they " were not to attend war until its case was clear and just and was recognized by its Oracle- the Oracle from the Hills as well as the Caves. ”(12) The Oracle of the Hillsides and Caverns symbolizes the leadership that was clearly evident within their society. Overtime, however, they had accrued the belief that Agbala who was the Oracle from the Hills was your one to phone the pictures and for now this theory was able to properly run their particular tribe. Not only did the tribe have got strong leadership but they also experienced ways of coping with issues if they did come up. They had 9 Egwugwu that heard the cases and it was " common knowledge where and when the ceremony would take place” (87). These eight Egwugwu experienced various commonalities to the court led by a foreman or possibly a judge, which can be very similar to the Western traditional judicial program. The fact which the Igbo tribe was able to create their own edition of the American judicial system exemplifies the advanced society...