Tok Composition 2013

Writing a TOK article

by Rich van para Lagemaat

Theory of Knowledge pertaining to the IB Diploma

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Writing a TOK composition

‘Most persons would rather perish than think; in fact they are doing so. ' BERTRAND RUSSELL, 1872–1970 ‘You aren't likely to have good ideas, unless you have lots of concepts and some theory of assortment. ' LINUS PAULING, 1901–1994 ‘It is usually dangerous to get the scoop a subject prior to we have seriously considered it ourself... When we browse, another person feels for us; we all merely duplicate his mental process. ' ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER, 1788–1860 ‘I write because I can't say for sure what I think right up until I go through what I claim. ' WILLIAM FAULKNER, 1897–1962 ‘What is definitely written without pain is read without pleasure. ' SAMUEL JOHNSON, 1709–1784 ‘Just as the sentence contains 1 idea in its fullness, and so the paragraph should certainly embrace a distinct episode; as sentences should follow the other person in harmonious sequence, so paragraphs need to fit as one another just like the automatic couplings of train carriages. ' SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL, 1874–1965 ‘Have a thing to say, and say this as evidently as you can. This provides the only secret of style. ' MATTHEW ARNOLD, 1822–1888 ‘Deep people shoot for clarity; those who wish to show up deep target obscurity. ' FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, 1844–1900 ‘Thoughts obey the law of gravity to this extent, that they travel and leisure much more easily from head down to daily news than they actually from newspaper up to head, so that pertaining to the latter trip they require all of the assistance we can give them. ' ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER, 1788–1860 ‘Everything should be produced as simple as possible, but not less difficult. ' ALBERT EINSTEIN, 1879–1955 ‘Let no person say that I possess said nothing at all new; the arrangement from the subject is usually new. When we play tennis, we both play with the same ball, but one of us areas it better. ' BLAISE PASCAL, 1623–1662

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The word ‘essay' comes from the French verb essayer meaning ‘to try' or ‘to attempt'. (A French philosopher called Michel de Montaigne, who resided from 1533 to 1592, was the first person to use the word in the modern impression. ) The origin of the expression is of more than passing fascination. Theory expertise (TOK) is concerned with queries that do not have definite answers. This does not generate such questions redundant. To the contrary, many of the most essential questions anytime do not have definite answers. When ever writing a TOK dissertation, it is best to believe not so much regarding answering a question as of lighting up a problem. That is what you are attempting to do. A certain amount of humility is within order right here. You are unlikely to generate the definitive solution to the problem! To illuminate problems is to do such things as: make clear what the is actually and why it things; clarify the meaning of keywords and phrases; consider different ways of thinking about the problem; create arguments and counter-arguments; give examples; assess supporting data; explore ramifications; make relevant connections; and uncover concealed assumptions. Because it deals with open-ended questions, an essay is basically personal in nature. Other folks may have come this way ahead of, and you can probably learn a a lot from their explorations. But your essay should be greater than a summary of other people's views or a loose paraphrase of some book or different. You need to have the courage – at least occasionally – to reach out on your own; for this is the attempt to illumine the problem.

The IB requirement

Prescribed headings

You have to select one essay via a list of ten ‘prescribed titles' which are arranged by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization). These essays are often comparative in nature: you are expected...