Unit almost eight: P3 and M2 Essay

Device 8:

P3: State factors that effect an individual's self-concept M2: Summarize how factors can effect the development of an individual's self-concept

Sharon is known as a 17 yr old girl in the stage of adolescence, to include on to that she's also a single mom of two children. Throughout her life she has had to expand up a lot more than others as she has a family of her own to look after as well as her educational your life which will determine how her foreseeable future will come out later. From this assignment Let me state as well as outline elements that can effect the development of Sharon's self-concept. Ahead of I continue I will be discussing self-concept, self-esteem and self-image regarding Sharon. Self-concept is just how Sharon views herself with regards to her abilities and failings; self-concept is what she believes of their self as… Although self-esteem is definitely how much Sharon values herself, in other words if Sharon had a high self-pride she would be likely to consider herself as an extremely likeable person. Finally, self-image is basically the overall picture Sharon features of herself, what the girl believes her own graphic portrays.


Specifically at the level of adolescence, girls like Sharon tend to be incredibly self-aware that belongs to them image and exactly how they represent themselves for the public. This is due to as Sharon gets older, she has more likely to care about how other folks think of her. Age impact on Sharon's self-concept because since she ages she'll often behave in a certain way when your woman thinks she doesn't fit in anywhere, to fit into everyones standards. As Sharon ages, she's more likely to develop her own self-image however peer pressure stop her via doing that as she will feel even more pressured in to fitting in and more afraid of being rejected by the the greater part.


Physical appearance is a big influence about Sharon's self-concept, as overall look also affects your self-image as well as self-pride. During the stage of adolescence, teenagers like Sharon are certainly more critical to themselves more therefore their way of judging tends to be even more harsh; according to Sharon's wisdom of himself it's more likely that she could either have higher self-esteem or decrease self-esteem: this is because at this stage teenagers like Sharon tend to seek out their various insecurities more and are much less likely to explain their strengths since they are more focused on aiming to fit in... And these days adolescent girls care more about becoming physically perfect and trying climb up the cultural ladder that they can sometimes just forget about their own unique qualities and try to forge a completely entire image which fits entirely into society's standards. Nevertheless looking again at Sharon's past, is actually more likely that she's to experience a more bad self-concept, self-image as well as self-pride as not merely has your woman given beginning once but twice and pregnancies can cause physical unwanted effects such as striae; now adding on to the stress Sharon has to face from trying to fit into she also must face the physical unwanted side effects of the birth which can trigger her self-esteem to flatten which will overall affect her self-image. Male or female:

Sexuality influences Sharon's self-concept since Sharon based on how she's been raised may act upon society's objectives towards man and female. When it comes to females, they are expected to be of the submissive type that tend to the actual domestic duties around the house and do jobs linked to health care a lot more than physically intense jobs. Contrary to males who also are thought to be even more dominant, solid and more in to jobs which in turn doesn't require emotional participation but more of physical and intellectual engagement. When it comes to gender's influences to Sharon's self-concept, she will are likely to stray far from doing bodily strenuous activities as a lady she's not really expected to always be strong and fit just like boys nevertheless fragile and slender because it suits society's overview in femininity. Overall adolescents just like Sharon...