Vehicle Robbery Control Dissertation




Accidents – nowadays be a common word, especially upon high methods. In many cases the casualty is extremely high not because of the accident but because of the delay in treatment. This happens because the appropriate authorities aren't informed that promptly.

The project is aimed at providing a wifi information program that helps in transfer info to the not far from station soon after the incident. The project consists of a major accident identification program that can be put into the car, details transmission system and information reception system. The information is likewise passed to the relatives cellphone through GSM modem. The project likewise controls the theft in the vehicle. In the event of theft, the actual location of the motor vehicle can be found by just sending a communication to the GSM modem in the vehicle. The GSM modem then responses us with all the location of the automobile using the data get from the GPS receiver. And also a great IR transmission device and a great IR recipient is placed inside the vehicle door entrance. So , whenever a great unauthorized person enters the car a message can be sent to who owns the vehicle.

In accident identity system a microcontroller is positioned to identify the amount of damage triggered to a automobile in case of accident. This takes place by a committed acceleration identification IC. In the event of accident, the change in the acceleration is usually assessed and the amount of damage calculated. After this the alert signal is usually transmitted via an RF transmission device if the car accident is found to be extremely high.

An RF receiver is put at any station (hospital or police station) or in the event that needed can be placed at standard intervals in the highways and the alarm transmission can be received by these people whenever there may be an accident. Instantly it can inform the concerned authorities to adopt necessary actions.

The microcontroller in the car is...