Essay on why school is important in my experience

Why College or university Education is very important to Me


College education is important because I feel it is going to allow me to possess a successful future in my current career and can provide economic stability for my family. Contrary to in the past, today having more than a diploma is required to get a decent job that will not make minimum wage. High school graduates today are unable to get the number of high-paying jobs that were once readily available, and will acquire passed intended for an employment chance rather than someone who is a new graduate which has a college degree.


As a mother I want to offer a better existence for my children and to certainly be a good function model intended for my child. When she was five, I asked her " What do you want to be as you grow up. " The lady said, " I want to act on Wal-Mart. " Now if you inquire her she says she really wants to do frizzy hair. I want to show her if that is what the girl wants to perform, after locks school she can go to college or university and significant in buisness and end up owning a salon. Malcom Times said " Education is usually our passport to the upcoming. For down the road, belongs to individuals that prepare for today. " To ensure that her or perhaps myself to get a brighter foreseeable future I need a school education so that I may get a better job, advertising or increase in pay.


Getting a university education much more than just allowing us a way to make an improved living. John Adams explained " You will discover two educations. One should train us making a living and the other how to live. " Education and knowledge help us within our everyday lives. Currently, Plus a medical secretary over a hospital device for the seven years. I was furthering my own education so I can get my own foot inside the door as a supervisor, business office manager, or administrator seeing that I have been in the medical field over eight years. As I become older I realize I want a career instead of just a task. My plan is to never stop at just an associate's level but to also get a bachelor's degree. I would like to become as powerful in my job and existence as I may be.

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