Yoruba Girl Dancing Essay

Dominique Manley

Professor Ruben Oriji

Record 430

Yoruba Girl Grooving Part 2

Colonization Leads to Interlacing of Cultures

Browsing the second 50 % of Yoruba Woman Dancing one thing I loved most was the description of many different nationalities that Remi was required to live among. These ethnicities included the European traditions of the upper class Nigerian in Lagos, the culture to be at the personal school, the working class United kingdom culture, the lifestyle of Germans who needed well as well as the culture of the well away Nigerians in London. Remi surely could successfully journey her approach through each one of these different worlds and it had been awfully amazing how your woman did. Although Remi achieved it through I had been surprised at how some of the adults treated the kids during this time as if they had simply no empathy pertaining to the comfort of your children. This was merely one of the many items that helped Remi transform into the young lady she turns into towards the end of the tale and I was surprised to master how the Europeans and Africans both combined their ethnicities as a result of the colonization.

The other half of the book began with Bigmama looking for somewhere to get Remi to settle during vacations in European countries. She decides that Betty would be a good fit to get Remi and she visits her outlining why Remi is in The european countries in the first place by so youthful of an era with no 1 from her family joining her within the trip. Many of the families in Nigeria sensed that it was " imperative for children to get an English education, so that when the time comes and their nation is given freedom they are all set and prepared. ” (Bedford, 67) This shows just how much the Africans respected education in their culture. They knew that when the country was released and offered their freedom, they would need someone who is definitely educated to know what they are undertaking while working the country. This can be an example of how a cultures happen to be intertwined with one another because the beliefs taught working in london are European values...